Errors during storage migration using migrate_storage_to file


I’ve started a migration process from a partition to another using the migrate_storage_to file.
The migration process starts copying backups but about a third of them fail.
Looking at the urbackup.log file, they all fail with errors like:

ERROR: Copying backup id XXXXXX path XXXXXX-XXXX of client "XXXX" failed.
ERROR: Error renaming to "F:\Backup\XXXX\.directory_pool\XX\XXXXXXXX". Access denied (code: 5)"

What could be the cause of these errors?
Are there any logs somewhere where I could find more details on these errors?

Access Denied errors usually mean that there is a permissions problem somewhere.

What version of Windows?
What version of UrBackup?
And what are the file permissions set to on the drive that you are copying from and copying to?

I’m using Windows Server 2016, UrBackup Server 2.4.14.
The migration process is still ongoing and some clients backup are migrated without any errors so I think it’s related to some specific clients only.

Okay. Let’s see how it ends up.

You could try enabling debug logging on the server, if nothing else it’ll get you more detailed logs.

Just tried that, but there aren’t more details in the debug log about these errors.