"error writing gpt" while trying to restore


I want to restore a gpt image and I get the error message “error writing gpt”

Im using the restore CD 2.0.3-2. The image was created using URBackup version 2.1.15 on Windows.

I’m trying to restore this image within virtual box. Might that be a problem? MBR partitions work without problems.

Same here.
Urbackupserver 2.1.16 (Debian jessie)
Restore CD 2.0.2

Restore to Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012R2

Same error as neo.

Any solutions regarding this i am also getting the same error

I don’t have a solution but I discovered this workaround that was working:
You can assamble the backup files from URBackup into a single VHD (https://www.urbackup.org/administration_manual.html#x1-9400010.7)
This VHD can be restored with an Acronis boot CD.

If it does not boot you need to repair the boot sector. For Windows it can be done with the Widows installation DVD.