Error Writing GPT (2)

I have seen this error in multiple other posts with no resolution.

I can successfully restore clients using MBR but no mater how I try GPT is not working.

UrBackup Restore CD 2.1.1 (x64) both MBR and GPT formatted
Server 2.3.8
UrBackup Client 2.3.4 (x64)

+Backed up client
-Client backed up via Internet
-Volume shows GPT in server logs

+Restored Client
-on client I remove all legacy settings and allow UEFI only
-after clicking the disk I want to restore to and click enter it almost immediately gives me the error “Following error happened: Error writing GPT. How to continue”

I see that the version I’m running supports both MBR and GPT but none of the systems running GPT are able to be restored. Is this an issue with the file system on the PC restored or an issue with the image taken from the client PC?


-Tried using UrBackup Restore 2.2.2 in VMWare 6.5 and did not pickup network adapters. Was unable to test local restore.

  • Urbackup Restore 2.3 beta in VMWare 6.5
    • First Attempt

      • Picks up the network adapter
      • Failed using a 250GB virtual drive ( image to restore was 57.16GB GPT (Volume size 1.82TB)
        -According to documentation in 2.2.2 this should have been fixed (Fix GPT restore with restore disk being (slightly) smaller)
    • Second Attempt

      • Picks up network adapter
      • Changed virtual drive to match volume size (2TB)
      • GPT Restore completed average speed of restore shown from server side 650 Mb/s. Might be a cosmetic bug but seen the restore process start at 0%, after a minute 1%, after another 5 minutes 2%, another 5 ish minutes 3% then after another minute 100% completed.
      • Reboot VM and the restored image wont start, this looks to be a VMWare problem.

Will update once I find root cause . Will also try a physical restore with both 2.2.2 and 2.3 in the coming week to isolate if this is a virtualization issue or restore CD.