Error while downloading dataplan + Not accepting internet traffic on 55415

I am seeing the following error in my logs:
ERROR: Error downloading dataplan database: Couldn’t connect to server(ec=7), Failed to connect to port 80: No route to host

If I try browsing to I receive file not found.

My urbackup server also doesn’t seem to want to accept inbound traffic on port 55415 either. It works fine for LAN clients, the port is open on my firewall which is forwarded to my NAS where the docker server is installed, but I get timeouts from for that port, any other port that is being forwarded responds perfectly fine. I can see on my firewall that the traffic is being passed to my NAS, but the server doesn’t seem to be responding? It’s strange because you’d think LAN clients would stop working as well.

I combined these two issues together because they were found at the same time and I thought may be related?

Server: urbackup-server_2.4.13_amd64.deb in docker
Clients: 2.4.11

You may ignore the dataplan error, it is related to backups over links such as cellular data where traffic is both limited and expensive. If that doesn’t apply to you, the database of providers and transfer limits won’t be used. On Settings: Internet you should uncheck Update data limit estimation database near the bottom of the options.

Can you get to the UrBackup webpage at port 55414? If not, the fault may be in the Docker setup. I can’t help you further than that; others here are running in containers and may reply with questions or suggestions.

You mentioned

which makes me think the UrBackup Clients are not on the same local network as the Server. If this is the case please check the Settings: Internet tab to ensure:

  • Enable Internet Mode is checked.
  • Internet server name/IP reflects the public IP address of your firewall which the Clients can reach, not the address of the container where UrBackup Server is installed.
  • Other settings are at default values or changed for a specific reason.

Your UrBackup Clients should have matching values for the Server and related keys. Let us know if any of this helps, please.

Thank you for your response, I made the adjustment for the data limit estimation - thank you for that.

As for my port issue, I can access port 55414 either locally on my LAN or via 55416 externally which goes through an Nginx proxy for HTTPS, that all works perfectly fine. I have a feeling the issue is with the server/docker I just wanted to get another opinion before I blow everything away and start again.

In terms of my clients, I have 4 clients on my LAN which all connect and back up fine and I have 2 internet clients which are currently the problem. They did connect previously and only stopped being able to connect after rebooting the NAS during downtime.

Internet mode is enabled and the server name/IP uses my FQDN which uses dynamic dns when my IP changes.

I’m going to take a look through some of the docker threads and see if I can’t find a hint to what the issue is - apart from that starting from scratch seems to be the easiest/faster option.

Thank you again for responding!

I’ve resolved the external access issue. I was sifting through the setting on my NAS and the gateway had been changed from my router to one of the 10GbE interfaces. After changing the default gateway on the NAS to the router, 55415 was available externally again and all external clients (at least the ones currently online) connected again without issue.

Really glad I didn’t start from scratch :slight_smile: