Error starting restore. Errorcode: 4

Server Version:v2.0.34.1611

Client Version:v2.0.33.0
O/S: Debian 8.6

My client backups up properly, although it does display the error in the log: Error opening metadata file. Cannot save file metadata.

When I attempt to restore using urbackupclientctl, I get the error:
Error starting restore. Errorcode: 4

Yes this is probably connected, so the question is why it cannot open the temporary file where it put the metadata. Maybe something deleted the temporary files during backup?

I assume temporary files would go into /tmp?

Once a day I have a a cron job that removes files that haven’t been accessed for more than 7 days, but that shouldn’t cause an issue in this case. As far as I’m aware nothing else is clearing those files.

Is it possible for me to change the tmp files directory for the Urbackup client?

The problem is on the server…

Aah, ok. I didn’t realise that!

I think I have found the cause… I have a backup running now, so I’ll see what the outcome is.


Yes, that has fixed everything.

Thanks again!