Error starting backup, error creating hash

My server in use CentOS 7.6, urbackup v2.3.7 (storage zfs). Client in use Windows Server 2008R2, urbackup v2.3.4 (storage ntfs)
From 22 February there was such an error.

2019-02-26 08:01:00: ERROR: Creating snapshot of “E:\СО” failed
2019-02-26 08:01:00: ERROR: Cannot create snapshot of file system with type
2019-02-26 08:01:00: ERROR: Creating snapshot of “СО” failed.
2019-02-26 08:01:00: ERROR: Cannot access path to backup: “E:\СО” Errorcode: 2 - No such file or directory
2019-02-26 08:01:00: WARNING: Hint: Directory to backup (“E:\СО”) does not exist. It may have been deleted or renamed. Set the “optional” directory flag if you do not want backups to fail if directories are missing.
2019-02-26 08:01:00: ERROR: Indexing files failed, because of error
2019-02-26 08:01:00: ERROR: Constructing of filelist of “WSTR02” failed: error - index error
2019-02-26 08:01:10: ERROR: Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup.
2019-02-26 08:01:11: WARNING: Exponential backoff: Waiting at least 10h 40m before next file backup

Server and client are in different segments of the local network.

Error starting backup, error creating hash


No. Clients seems to run Linux (or FreeBSD).

Read the error message. Linux client obviously cannot find E:\CO, because it is not Windows.

I’m sure that the Windows server client. And there just is e:\CO
Before February 22 is worked

Could be you added a Linux client with the same name as the Windows client

No. Not adding new client.