Error sending signature to client


All of a sudden, i am getting this error for one of our linux machines:
[7892]: ERROR: Error sending server signature to client

on the client i am now getting:

[28480]: ERROR: Signature error: Verification failed

This is only happening to one server and i cant seem to figure it out… I tried to download the file from the server and execute it to update the client but it is still having the same issue.


Have you tried removing the server_idents.txt file, and restarting the service?

I am assuming you mean on the client. Yes i did

Some of what I am seeing around from other posts is in regard to the UrBackupUpdate.sig file.

I think this isn’t an issue for the 2.0.X or 2.1.X version; any reason particular that you need to still use 1.X?

I am not using 1.x …

This is what I get for mixing up posts…

Regardless, the UrBackupUpdate.sig file is possibly what you are looking for; are you on 2.0.X or 2.1.X?

I am on 2.0.x since 2.1.x is still in beta

I don’t know if anyone else knows what to do with a .sig file, because that is what I am getting out of the other posts I looked up.

The other two things to try is to restart the machine and try the client install again, or update to the 2.1.X beta (which is still pretty good).

I tried all of that except the upgrade to the beta which i can not do as the download links are broken…

Any other suggestions?

New Development. This is now happening to all clients instead of just one

I’m having the same problem.
Any solution?


Have you got the fix for this issue?

unfortunately, I had to archive the backups to a different location and start over again with a fresh installation. I was never able to get a solution in place.

Ok, Thanks for your reply.

where it located ?