ERROR: SALT error: no channels available & ClientConnector


I’ve been using URBackup for a couple of years and it’s been flawless, excellent system, but I’ve just tried to perform a test restore as part of regularly checking backups and I’m getting a few issues -

  1. It’ll take ages to try and find the server even when IP has been entered
  2. Will not log in with username and password even though I know they are correct
  3. I managed to get it logged in once, but then said ‘No access’ I think when trying to access the backups on the client

When it doesn’t log in, I get the following messages:

ERROR: SALT error: no channels available
Error while retrieving information about the user. Try again?

And another error with ClientConnector which I can’t replicate now because it’s stuck on the no channels available error

I’ve tried updating the server to latest version, re-downloading the restore ISO in case it was corrupt, checked my web filter and firewall in case they were getting in the way, restarted the UR server services but nothing has worked.

The backups seem to be creating fine, it’s just restoring which is affected.

Any help anyone can offer, greatly appreciated.



I’ve managed to get the second error - “No response from ClientConnector” this is when entering the password


I too am getting this Salt Error.
Anyone have any ideas??