Error on shadow copy server 2019

I was wondering if someoen could shed some light, Currently im trying to get an image of a server which is on azure, normally i install the agent and clones the machine with no issue but this VM wont let me clone, the error im getting

|01/11/24 12:12  |INFO  |Starting unscheduled full image backup of volume C:...|
|01/11/24 12:12  |DEBUG  |Backing up SYSVOL...|
|01/11/24 14:23  |DEBUG  |Backing up SYSVOL done.|
|01/11/24 14:23  |DEBUG  |Backing up EFI System Partition...|
|01/11/24 14:23  |DEBUG  |Backing up EFI System Partition done.|
|01/11/24 14:23  |INFO  |Basing image backup on last incremental or full image backup|
|01/11/24 14:23  |WARNING  |Error retrieving last image backup. Doing full image backup instead.|
|01/11/24 14:24  |ERROR  |Request of image backup failed. Reason: Creating shadow copy failed. See client log file for details.|
|01/11/24 14:24  |INFO  |Transferred 888 bytes - Average speed: 1.976 KBit/s|
|01/11/24 14:24  |DEBUG  |Script does not exist urbackup/post_full_imagebackup|

so i thought it was an issue with shadow copies so i enabled on the Disks the shadow copies

i retried and same issue,
So then i went to disk2vhd and same issue if i uncheck volume shadow copy it works

So the question is if anyone else has had this odd issue? I was looking around the internet some say that if the server before had acronis or any clonning software and never have i installed something on that server not sure what else i can look for?

Thank you

Whats in the client log as it says see that for details.

thanks for the reply it seems that i found the issue in the regedit which was getting error 0x80040154