Error on 2.2.7-cbt beta

Since my wife’s Notebook Upgraded his Client to 2.2.7-cbt beta, i always get the following message with each incremental file backup:

Preparing change block tracking reset for volume d: failed: Die Änderungsnachverfolgung ist für die angegebene virtuelle Festplatte deaktiviert. Daher sind keine Informationen zur Änderungsnachverfolgung verfügbar. (code: 3225026602)

Can anyone tell me what this error means?

Could you go to tray icon -> Info -> Show CBT status and post the output displayed there? (Preferably after a reboot)

Here it is:

I hope it helps.

It shows 2.5 as version. This should update to 2.8 with a reboot. That should fix the problem.

If it doesn’t the output of fsutil fsinfo sectorInfo D: (as admin) would be interesting.

Off Course, there have been several reboots since the update. Anyway, here is the Information you asked for:

Logische Bytes pro Sektor: 512
Physische Bytes pro Sektor für Unteilbarkeit: 4096
Physische Bytes pro Sektor für Leistung: 4096
Effekt. phys. Bytes/Sektor für Unteilbark. in Dateisystem:4096
Geräteausrichtung: Ausgerichtet (0x000)
Partitionsausrichtung auf Gerät: Ausgerichtet (0x000)
Führt normale Suchvorgänge aus
Kürzen wird nicht unterstützt
Nicht DAX-fähig

Could it help, if i reinstall the 2.2.7-cbt beta.exe?

Yes, the new driver should have been installed during the client installation process. So this may help.

You can also manually install it:

cd "C:\Program Files\UrBackup"
urbctctl.exe install-driver

Manually install the the Driver didn’t Change anything. The Version remained on 2.5. I then reinstalled the whole 2.2.7-cbt program, but the Driver Version was still 2.5.
Next i decided to go back and restored the machine from an Image which was no big deal thanks to urbackup.
I now have 2.2.5-cbt running and - dont’t ask me why - the Driver Version Shows 2.8! I also deactivated all the Auto update Features on the Server.

But now i’m uncertain what to do. Should i reactivate the Auto update or would it be better to manually upgrade again to 2.2.7-cbt? And if yes, should i first uninstall the 2.2.5-cbt Version?

The biggest question for me at the Moment is, why do i have 2.8 with 2.2.5-cbt and 2.5 with 2.2.7-cbt?

So you see, there are many questions and i hope you have some answers for me :frowning:

Same thing here after upgrading 2.2.5-cbt to 2.2.7-cbt :

Uninstalling / Reinstalling client didn’t help …

Indeed the driver included in 2.2.6 beta and 2.2.7 beta is the v2.5 driver. Ouch. Sorry about the inconvenience! The published 2.2.8 includes the v2.8 driver now.

Ok, tested with 2.2.8-cbt beta and it works. Driver Version is 2.8
Interestingly, when i turned the automatic update on again on the Server, the Client installed once more the 2.2.7-cbt beta, so i had to update manually to 2.2.8-cbt beta.