Error message "Could not open output file..." (after Windows 10 update?)

After the last Windows 10 update I get the following error message of one of the clients:

Error saving metadata. Could not open output file at “/media/d4b4bd26-abgw-22cf-8fd8-e0e5b1455928/UrBackup/MINOR/171019-2053/.hashes/max/OneDrive”

Not sure if is related to the update, but did not receive a message before.

Any idea how to resolve it?

Any one an idea how to fix it?
Many thanks in advance.

Issue is still there.

seems other backup software has (also?) issues with Fall Creators Update on WIndows 10 regarding OneDrvie folder

Does any body else have an issue or is there a fix?
Or additional information needed?

This could be already fixed with the 2.2.x client, I think.

Thanks, @uroni
I updated the client and the next backup did not give any errors.

Just strange that the client did not autoupdate. I ticked the entry in the client settings: Perform autoupdates silently: