Error installing cbt driver in client in Windows 7 32 bit


I am installing the cbt driver in client to test it into a Windows 7 Pro 32 bit, and when I try to install the driver with “urbctctl install C: n-c” command I receive this errors:
StartService Failure! Error = 127
Unable to install driver
ControlService failed! Error = 1062

I have rebooted system a lot of times. Uninstall driver, reset, remove sys file from drivers folder…
The system is up to date.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much.

Any help on this case?
I have tested in two different computers with Win 7 32 bit, with the same results


I dont know that stuff too well, but i think win xp needs urbackup 1.4

I’ll test it with win7 32bit. Sorry about the problems… It should work with the non-beta version?

Hello @uroni,
I will test the non beta version as soon as possible and post results here

Thank you so much

Hello @uroni,
With the latest non-beta version it works!

Is there any problem to use latest version in server and non-latest version in clients?


Ok. Thank you so much