Error in the log file - file not found

I’m seeing this error in the log file:
2015-02-11 12:01:36: ERROR: Error opening file ‘/data/PC_Backups//WIN7PC/Image_C_140915-1313.vhdz’
I think the double // in the error message (between the PC_Backups and WIN7PC is just a cosmetic issue and not a bug as the file actually does not exist.
However, I don’t know why the file isn’t there.
PC’s have no “share” access to any folders in the /data/PC_Backups tree.
And I don’t touch the files.

Running 1.4.7 server on Debian and 1.4.7 Windows clients.

Also, have a suggestion for the web interface.
After configuring the MAIL setup page, I think it would good to have the “Mail Server Password” field blocked out with asterisks or something.