"Error getting symlink path" when trying to delete backups

Good afternoon,

I have a bunch of old backups that I’m trying to delete from the web interface. They’re already marked for deletion but are not getting deleted during the nightly cleanup, so I’m clicking on the “Delete now” button. When I do, I get an error, and lots of this shows up in urbackup.log.

2019-05-14 15:10:11: ERROR: Error getting symlink path in pool of "/path/to/backup/files"

This is later followed up with errors about being unable to delete those same files.

Would anyone have any idea what this error means?


Still having this issue, still no clue as to how to resolve it.


You could try running the remove unknown script from the command line, then see if the problem is resolved.

Thanks for your response. I’ve done this, and it also fills the log with these same errors, and the backups are still showing as marked for deletion.

If the slashes were running the other way (\ windows direction) I’d suggest running CHKDSK /R on the storage… Possibly run badblocks -svn (non destructive check) and/or fsck on the filesystem?