ERROR: Fatal error during backup. Backup not completed

Hi Team,
i am using UrBackup Client 2.4.11.exe version , still i am getting this alert
what should i do to resolve this , frequently i am getting this alert mail from client

WARNING: Restarting shadow copy of C:\ because it was started by this server
ERROR: Creating symlink at “/home/backup/urbackup/SEICHE-LAP-169/210102-1531/Users/Admin/Documents/My Music” to “” failed. Operation not supported (errorcode=95)
ERROR: Fatal error during backup. Backup not completed



I had similar error with My Music. In my case My Music was symlink to another drive F:.
As I understand UrBackup can’t handle that links. I removed this symlink and backup finished fine.

Check it.

Careful removing the default links to My Music, My documents, etc., they’re provided for legacy software written for XP & earlier to follow since many have hard coded “%USERPROFILE%\that” paths rather than reading the location from the registry or other means, such software will break with the links removed, better to exclude them.

I tried to exclude them from backup, but it didn’t help, I got same error.

As I understand urbackup check (read or list) all files and folders even if folder excluded.
And in process of this check (read or list) it can’t open it and got error.