(err file system case insensitive). File exists (code: 17) (untrue) so whats the issue


I see the above error, its clearly not true as i can use upper and lower case file names on that storage, so what is UrBackup testing to come up with the false claim (and its not backing anything up).

We have Ubuntu 20.04, we use the MOUNT command to “map” the drive from a NAS, the volume on the NAS is EXT4. So if we use Nautilus in Ubuntu (thats hosting UrBackup) we can create a folder in both upper and lower case names on that exact volume with the same UNC that UrBackup uses, so why does UrBackup say it cant (ironcially, it does create folders with upper and lower case names, so UrBackup appears working as well, although backup is creating an error anyway)?

Its not the Ubuntu, if we move the storage to the LOCAL drive it works fine (which is also EXT4), so what is it seeing (falsely) on the mount volume that is not replicated in Nautilus

I had a similar issue on Ubuntu 20.04 where I was using mount with the CIFS option to mount a NAS drive to try and use as the backup storage. I confirmed that both my NAS’ file system and my local system were case-sensitive but I was still getting that error.

The specific test Urbackup uses is:

std::string test1_path = testfolderpath + os_file_sep() + "test1";
std::string test2_path = testfolderpath + os_file_sep() + "Test1";

if (!os_create_dir(test1_path) || !os_create_dir(test2_path))

As you can see, it creates two test files in the same directory whose only difference is the case of “T” in “test” and compares them. This comparison will fail on both case-insensitive file systems AND case-preserving (but ultimately insensitive) ones.

In my case, it was because I was mounting a SMB share with mount CIFS and SMB itself is not case sensitive. The reason you can still create a folder with upper & lower case names is because SMB (and Windows) is “case-preserving”, which means it will display case for readability but will ultimately treat everything with case insensitivity.

My NAS allowed me to share via NFS instead of SMB and mounting that share with NFS preserved case-sensitivity, removing the error. Maybe that will work in your case too.

Thanks for the detailed answer, i dont believe we have NFS checked as a share method, will using SMB for UrBackup be a problem?

I will add since that error we dropped testing, today we are testing it with a Windows as a server, i dont mind Linux, but prefer Windows as we find it way easier to bug find (and fix)