(err_cannot_create_subdir). Access is denied. (code: 5)

HI Guys

I have installed UrBackup on widows server 2012 R2 and I am trying to get files backed up into a remote network backup server.

I dont know if i am doing it correctly but I have installed the client and server urbackup in one machine.

I have mapped the destination where i want the file to be backedup but it is not accepting anything.

anyone go any ideas how to set this up on Windows server 2012 R2

This the message I get

and the client has this output

Remove the server from the local machine. The server only goes on the backup location, the client only goes on the machine you with data you want to backup.

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Hi rgrant

Thank you so much for your reply and clarification on this subject.

The server that we host our backup is on TrueNas Core server.

are you familiar with that.

Thank you

No sorry I’ve never used trunas for UrBackup. if you still get the error; make sure the permissions are correct and check the storage path in the server settings to make sure it all exists.

Hi rgrant,

I had plenty of issues with a SMB share on my NAS (Terramaster TM423).
In my opinion there are too many reasons for failure using this method for backup.

So i switched completely to ISCSI. This method is professional and widely used …
I strongly recommend also using ISCSI targets…