Entire client log is filled with same error message

CBT windows 10 client V2.5.24

Client log file is completely filled with this message:

2023-05-10 03:16:05: WARNING: Parent of file with FRN 844424931083002 (Name “ccff10fd1f83d901ed7f0000f4374c40”) with FRN 2251799814634859 not found.
Searching via MFT as fallback.

2023-05-10 03:16:05: WARNING: Parent directory not found in MFT. Was probably deleted.

I’m experiencing the same issue, is the client with this issue installed on Win11?
Have you tried both the client installer from the server and urbackup’s website?
Were you able to resolve the issue?

It is on Windows 10.
I don’t believe you can install the CBT client from the Server or the Web interface.
You have to go to a special web site.
Pretty frustrated with it.

I totally get that. PAYING for something and the dev just blatantly ignores you. :frowning:

I’m sorry I can’t help you.
I try as much as I can in this forum since there is very rarely responses from anyone who actually sits on the answers.