Enhancing / design of the web interface


We have done quiet abit of web design in the past, we are willing to assist in re-design / updating the web interface … we dont write alot of code, but drawing out how the screen should look and able to supply icons with the sizes required is something we are willing to do.

We could also assists with design and layout of the client also (same as above, layouts and icon design and supply)

If the above is something you (developers) would like to explore, welcome to contact via DM

Thanks! I think the focus should be on the server web interface. Personally I don’t really want the client UI to be a electron monstosity that uses hundreds of MB of RAM (compared to the <2MB currently).

The web interface needs to be rewritten, if only to make modifying it easier.

I’ve pushed what I currently have here:

It uses React (router, query, valtio), vite and FluentUI as component library ( https://react.fluentui.dev – Same as used in the new MS Teams).
I don’t particularily want to have custom components so those should be used whenever possible, even if it would make the UI a bit sub-optimal.

Screen drawings would be great, though I would prefer just having the components layed out (in react, even without logic, just the render).

We dont write in any Microsoft engine, have used HTTP, CSS and some PHP, although i likely dont have enough time to totally re-write the whole interface myself.

We would however design a (server) interface first to then have a designed look to work towards, to give a planed look to then re-write the current or implement a method.

Does your current IDE allow for direct use of HTTP / CSS and / or PHP as this would be way easier to change in the future, even ifs able to push out HTTP with the use of AJAX at the browser to then request live updates (which is what the web GUI appears to be doing now)

Either way, the first step would be to create the look of the new interface to know the goal to work towards which ever programming method is used.

The backend would be unchanged (for now).

Point is that it would use the FluentUI components. And that would constrain how a button, table or navigation looks like (e.g. breadcrumbs Fluent UI React v9 ). Those can be themed: Fluent UI React v9 . Still open is how it is all arranged.
I’d also stick to just translating current UX to the new framework and then go from there (e.g. there’d still be a status page showing the same amount of information allowing the same actions).

Any work we could do is likely not helpful in this situation. We are not familiar / have never used that IDE before