Endless Recusive chain

I have one client where for some unknown reason UrBackup is creating backups of:
C:\Users\Name\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\….\Stuff
The chain of Application Data\Application Data\… just appears to grow longer and longer with time.

Ideas where to look for a cause?

Mainly, what’s the difference between this client and the other ones where the issue does not occur.

It’s the only client with virtually no user generated files :stuck_out_tongue: and it happens on the never-logged-into-since-the-machine-was-joined-to-AD local Administrator account, if it wasn’t for the fact it bugs me now I’ve seen it, I’d just disable file backup and rely on images as I was about to when I spotted it, it’s entirely possible that there’s some corrupt symlink or junction point within that profile, and if it wasn’t the built-in Administrator one I’d have started by deleting & re-creating the user/profile to eliminate that.

Windows “Properties” dialogues for junctions such as “Application Data” are particularly unhelpful, not even telling you where they point, & the default permissions prevent navigating them manually to observe where that way.

Did you track this problem down? I think I’m seeing the same thing. The client is a Windows 10 Pro box. I see it on the “Local Settings/Application Data” folder, where both Local Settings and Application Data are junction points.