End to end verification breaks backups

After enabling end to end verification for this client I’m getting
<time> ERROR Hashes for "D:\urbackup\Client\Backup-time\Path\to\File.ext" differ. Verification failed.
for apparently every file backed up, it’s so dramatic I almost wonder if server and client are using different hash algorithms?
Or am I missing something? Is an internet CBT client if that makes any difference.

There is a difference between 2.3.x and 2.2.x. Could you tell the versions involved?

Server is 2.2.11 Client is 2.1.19-cbt

Sorry the combination is 2.2.x and 2.1.x. 2.2.x uses crypto++ to hash, 2.1.x was using a implemenation that returned wrong values sometimes.

I’ll try bumping the client to 2.2.11-cbt beta then, see if the problem goes away… when I get chance.

Well that was an “interesting” experience, I have no idea if the updated client clears the issue or not, what it does do is introduce a much bigger problem :frowning:

Upon update the machine blue screens and goes into a constant reboot loop with the stop error WDF_VIOLATION, getting the machine bootable again requires system restore, after which the old client is broken.

Now I’m going to have to hunt round to see if I can find the installer for the old version, currently that machine has no client software, since I can’t use the current version on it, hopefully I saved the old installer somewhere :upside_down_face:

Sorry about that. Do you have crash consistency on or off?

On on that machine, only place it is.

Turning crash persistence off seems to have cured the reboot loop, as for verification, I’ll try enabling that again at a later date, after backups have caught up, lots going on here, can’t really concentrate on such things.