Empty Backed up files for MacOS 2.1.15 client


when restoring a file from a recent backup, I found that all files for a specific client are zeroed.
I have a FreeNAS server version 2.2.7 serving as urbackup in a proper jail, I have 7 clients backing up either locally or through a OpenVPN tunnel. They are from different O.S. (Windows, Linux and 2 MacOS).
I downloaded a file from one of the MacOS clients from a recent backup and though the size is correct, the file really is all zeroed.
I was a bit alarmed, but it seems at the moment the issue is limited to that client and to some month (a one year old backup seems ok).
Fortunately I had the same file in another MacOS client synchronized through iCloud and it is ok.
I randomly tested some other client and backup sets and they seems ok as well, the problem is just on this client. MacOS version I’m using is 2.1.15
Do anyone know of a similar issue? Does anyone have any suggestion on how to spot the cause of the issue and how to fix it?
I saw today that a new version of the server is available, though I think it is a client issue, should I upgrade? Should I try to reinstall the client?

Thank you in advance, please let me know if you need further infos

Best regards


Sorry, I’ve seen the client is very old. I’m upgrading and trying a full backup. Sorry for the mess.

This was an issue with APFS fixed with 2.1.17. You’ll have to check which macs use APFS.

Thanks uroni, sorry for the disturb, indeed I updated to 10.13 and it is using APFS with filevault. I noticed it was using 2.1.15 and indeed I just updated to 2.2.whatever, did a full backup and it seems to works like a charm now. is there an easy way, other than manually, to check which is the last good backup?