Email notification not sending

First install of this product. Email not working. Email server configured correctly and test emails are sent, but not receiving any notification of failed jobs.

Logged in as admin, so should have access to all computers. Logs settings are as follows:
Send reports to: “my email address”
Send: All
Minimum log level: Info

Any ideas?

UrBackup Web-Interface -> Settings -> Mail

TLS/SSL is set right if using it?

Mail Server credentials are in without typos?

You have having it send out using a mail address and directing it to your address?

Email server settings are correct. Test email sends fine. Not being blocked by spam filter or anything like that. It’s simply not sending anything out.

I am logged in as admin and these are the current/correct email smtp settings. I am getting the test email if i add my email to the test email section.

Not getting any emails about any of the backup jobs. Any ideas? UrBackup server is the newest version.

Could you tell us the operating system the server runs on?
Also, could you have look at the server log file to see if it logs any warnings wrt the mails?
I guess this was a fresh installation of 2.0.x and no upgrade?

Hi @bobtukin

After you set the email address and test that is properly working yo have to go to the Menu “Logs” in the “Top Bar”, then where it says “Reports” set the user or users you want to receive the notifications and the kind of notifications and the log level.
I hope it helps.

I had already set that. Still not working. Any other ideas?

Did you see my questions?

Sorry I must have missed your question.
New install. Have tried on both 2012R2 and Win10Pro.
Just found this in my logs…
RCPT failed: 550
2016-10-18 19:02:21: WARNING: Sending mail failed. Failed sending data to the peer(ec=55), RCPT failed: 550

What kind of mail server is it? Do you have access to the mail server logs? Another options would be to listen in on the mail sending via e.g. Wireshark.

QMail server on Plesk on a dedicated CentOS. Using same email and settings for many different notification from other backup/services applications.

Just tried using a different email server and it worked. Not sure yet why it’s not working with QMail.