Email notification failed: 550 Maximum line length exceeded


Recently the email backup notifications have lost their formatting. I no longer receive the success or failure result because my mail server says the notification email has failed with the following: 550 Maximum line length exceeded (see RFC 5322 2.1.1).
On the few emails I do receive I can see the results are all on a single line (it appears the formatting of the email body has been removed).
Anyone else having this issue?

Changing the sending email address and using a different smtp server fixed this. Will leave this here in case it helps someone in future.

Interesting, i saw something like that too, were you using exim4 before? That is the case here too.

My current isp for some reason doesn’t accept my outgoing mail anymore, even though i have set up exim to use their smarthost with authentication earlier and it worked…but then it just stopped. I was having a look at exim’s logs and saw something like that too, but i didn’t bother to fix the authentication issue or look into that message because i am switching isp soon, very soon i hope.

Would be interesting to find out if it happens again then, if it is just exim being nice and warning us, or a specific issue with urbackup and exim. Or maybe you are on to something (email formatting issue). I assume both the notification and formatting issue are gone now with a different smtp server?

I have not seen any single line emails during the time it did work. Was it only for certain types of email notifications, like only for success, failure or failure->success? (i think those are the types of emails urbackup sends out).

Update: i was able to get mail flowing again and a lot of frozen messages got delivered. I did not see the warning in the Exim log, however indeed the mails are all one blob of text, so something seems off. I still have some old emails from end of October which are fine. New ones are just one big hump of text, difficult to read.