Editing email subject

Hello Uroni,

is there a way to change de subject from the report emails? change it to Spanish for starters :smiley: I would like to add short date to the subject, as they will be filtered and imported to a custom BI application.


Currently it’s hard-coded, so while possible, it is probably difficult for you to change. I’ll put a proper e-mail template on the list.

Thank you …

Raul Trevino

Any update to this? I would love to be able to change the subject and body of the report emails. Been trying to find it for the 12 hours with no success.

Thank You.

Currently you would have to compile your own version of the server software and maintain your own fork for it to be possible.

Ouch! I was hoping for perhaps some sort of editing of js files in “www” to edit subject or body parameters. Is it actually embedded in the compiled “urbackup_srv.exe” executable?

I am pretty sure that what you are looking for is here:

Any news about this