Duplicating _0 folders, can't get right default directories + excludes/includes

I have a UrBackup server running on CentOS 7. Originally I had trouble getting a Default Directories and Excludes/Includes configuration that worked well for both Windows and Mac simultaneously but I think I’ve gotten that somewhat resolved with:
Excluded files: /Users/:/Library;C:\Users\:\AppData
Default directories: /Users;C:\Users

However, what I am seeing now is a weird glitch where the Windows clients file backups include Users and Users_0. Does anyone know how I can fix that? Its annoying but its not taking up double the space–the storage used for the file backup seems accurate.

Another issue I am having is file backups show the size incorrectly. The file backup is working and takes up 100 GB but in the web console some clients are missing the info for their full backup entries. This also is just an annoyance, because it would be useful to know, but I can see at the Linux file system level that the .directory_pool is taking up the correct 100 GB and the files can be browsed through in the web console and downloaded successfully.

Incorrect view (this client’s backup Incremental = No entry is incorrect, the backup actually takes up about 100 GB):

Correct view on another client: