Duplicate folders with _0

When backing up an Ubuntu server with the headless client, I find a duplicate folder name with _0 appended to the name; for example I’m currently backing up 2 folders, /etc and /var/www/vhosts, however an additional folder vhosts_0 has been created in the backup.

The files in this folder are mostly log files, does this happen because the files are open or amended during the backup? I just want to check I’m not doing something wrong. If any config info or data is needed to confirm, let me know.

Are those top level folders?

This would usually happen if you have two backup paths with the same name e.g. /var/www/vhosts and /etc/vhosts

No, those are the paths from the root directory. I had them configured in default_dirs_def in /usr/local/var/urbackup/data/settings.cfg, but having deleted the client and backups and going again, I see now that default_dirs_def is empty in settings.cfg. Is it overwritten when the client is picked up again? And how would it know to back up only those 2 folders the second time? No separate settings in the webui.

I’m also having some folders duplicated and suffixed with _0 and _1.
They are not top level folders, and I can’t see any reason why they would be duplicated.
What can cause urBackup to duplicate folders ?