Drop all database after restore

Hello everyone, I did some tests with urbackup and I’m having a serious problem.
Below the step-by-step performed in the tests

  1. Made the installation and configuration of the server and client
  2. Sql Server backup were started (Windows 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2)
  3. All backup’s have been done successfully
  4. In the web panel a restore of the SampleData database was requested
  5. A message that Windows should restart has been requested and confirmed
  6. After restarting the server all databases have been deleted, only SampleData has not been deleted

Is anyone in the same trouble?

Note.: Do not test in production

version server: 2.4.13
version client: 2.4.11
log file not present

I just created a new post when I became aware of this one…

I am using “Windows Components” to backup a number of SQL Server databases.
A couple of weeks ago I tried restoring a database using the “Restore Components” feature.

  • I first deleted the DB
  • restored the appropriate DB from the “components” and re-attached the DB
  • (!) received an error about Urbackup not being able to replace some file, asking to reboot(!)

Since I couldn’t just restart at that time it took another four weeks until I rebooted the server (ever since receiving the request for reboot).


Only the restored DB and another DB created in the past four weeks still existed after the reboot.
I would assume that Urbackup rolled back some VSS snapshot and made all other DBs disappear.

Luckily I had backups of the DBs in question but it was a very scary experience nonetheless.

Server version: 2.4.15
Client version: 2.4.11