DR Testing image jumps and fails

I have been attempting to restore once of my bare metals to a VM for DR testing. The restore image appears to be working away but once it gets to 40% - 45% of the restore it jumps to 100% brings up the final option menu (reboot, restore another image etc). After removing the boot ISO I attempt to boot the VM that I was restoring to only to have this fail because there is no boot media.

I created the VM in Hyper-V as a Gen 2 with secure boot options disabled. When I checked the Web GUI for the log there was no record but the activities page reported that there were restore attemps made.

URBackup Server V2.14.13 on Ubuntu 20.04, URBackup Restore image 2.3.1.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Your image probably had only 40-45% used? In this case I think it jumps over the unused parts during restore.

Why it has no boot media is another issue. It might be a Gen 2/Gen1 mismatch. Or it didn’t backup SYSVOL/ESP correctly (check if those are present if appropriate).

You can also help testing the new restore at https://github.com/uroni/urbackup_restore_cd/releases and see if that improves things.

Restores don’t get logs on server server, only activities entries.

This helped me, too. Thank you!

The new restore works for a newly created VM but it looks like the original bare metal has not completed the sysvol backup and only utilised the volume (possible error on install).

I am reinstalling the client with a fresh download from web so that original settings are not applied. I will update on this once confirmed to be issue.

If it still doesn’t work, run "C:\Program Files\UrBackup\sysvol_test.exe" as administrator and post the output here (and look at the backup logs if it sees the sysvol and fails to back it up).

There are also articles on the Internet (stuffed full of ads for imaging software :wink: ) on how to recover the SYSVOL/EFI partition via Windows CD/ISO. Someone making a proper post for that here will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help @uroni I’ll look into getting a full length post on restoring the sysvol a bit later on. I recently ran into a capacity issue that took me a bit of time to resolve (needed to expand my zfs pool) and have just circled back around to this.

I have had a chance to run the sysvol_test.exe as admin and found received an error showing:

Errno 1
Bootable Flag not set for volume
Found no SYSVOL on the same physical device as ‘C’.
No sysvolume found
Trying to open SYSVOL()…
Could not open SYSVOL(). Last error=3
Volpath: \.\C:
Device is not GPT Formatted.

From this error I am under the impression that I will need to restore the SYSVOL member in order to continue. unfortunately this is on one of my live servers so I will not be able to complete and document this for a little while but I will update here with a guide once I have done.