Download Windows Client: ERROR: Signature verification failed

Hello @all,

if i want to download a urbackup windows client from urback-backup server i always get the error:

ERROR: Signature verification failed

The download from mac + linux client is still possible. We are using UrBackup Server V2.1.19 and Client V2.1.15. Server is installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 (64bit).

Has anyone else these problem. I have restarted service an server but this doesn’t help…


I have a similar problem when downloading the Windows client via Chrome.
It always says ‘failed’ with no other information.
Oddly if I tell it to download the client a second time it works.
The happens every single time. I wondered if it’s because the download isn’t from a secure site…

Have you deleted it (including version.txt) and let it redownload it (e.g. via restarting the server service) ?

Also, perhaps the reason it got corrupted is in the server log file…

Rename version_osx.txt and version.txt then restart the service . problem resolved