Download Pre-Configured Client ... for CBT?

When you purchase the CBT upgrade, is there a way to “integrate” the CBT version in the "Download Pre-Configured Client for Windows link that is automatically generated? I hope so, because that saves a lot of time.

3.2 Distribution and auto-update from server

If you have purchased change block tracking (CBT) for UrBackup on Windows for all your
clients or disable it on those you have not purchased it for, you can distribute the client
with change block tracking via the UrBackup update mechanism.

Follow the link your received after purchase, download the file “server_update_location.url”
and put it into C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup on Windows and /var/urbackup
on Linux. Your UrBackup server will download the client with change block tracking after
a server restart or during the cleanup time window. Afterwards, if enabled, the client will
be distributed as update to all connected clients and future client updates will come with
change block tracking.

If the server is not configured to distribute the client with CBT, it will not update clients
where the client with CBT was installed manually. Those clients then have to be updated
manually or via some other method.


Where to find the file “server_update_localtion.url”? Thats the only available files when I click on the link I got after the purchase.


@MrBates Thank you for the reply. But, as @buzzd pointed out, where is the .url file they speak of? UrBackupUpdate.exe?

Update » @buzzd, I located the spot. SCROLL all the way down on your activation link provided after purchase. See below …

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No way :see_no_evil: Thanks for sharing it, really appreciate it.

:smiley: Enjoy!