Download folder as zip fails with certain characters in filenames

I’ve just tried to download a whole folder as zip over the webinterface.
The downloaded zip was exactly 0 bytes big, which is a bit small ;-).
In the server logs I’ve found following:

2020-02-25 17:44:07: ERROR: Error while adding file “/var/lib/urbackup/,S=2402:2,S” to ZIP file. Error: invalid filename. OS error: Code 0
2020-02-25 17:44:07: ERROR: Error while adding files and folders to ZIP archive

What is your server and client version?

sorry. usually I don’t forget to mention that:

Server version: 2.4.12
Client version: 2.4.9

But the client shouldn’t really matter. It’s not involved in the above problem…

It’s because of the :. It’s not allowed per ZIP spec. It was reported before though and should work with 2.5.x now. (You won’t be able to unpack that ZIP with e.g. Windows though)

ok sorry. I didn’t find it in the forum when looking for it.
Also I can’t find it in the bug tracker at:

Maybe it would be easier to keep overview if bug reports would only be collected in the bug tracker? (and would avoid double reports like mine)

Yeah, but I’m too lazy :wink: and while everyone should be able to add issues to the bug tracker it is far from user friendly…

I find the thread if I search for “Error: invalid filename.” with the forums search btw.
Can't zip mail files in Maildir Dovecot But I did not add to thread that it should be fixed in 2.5.x anyway.

Double reports also don’t really occur very often at this point as well :slight_smile:

This doesn’t seem to be fixed in Infscape UrBackup Appliance 1.9.7 yet. The resulting zip file is 0 bytes. Is it possible to port the fix in UrBackup 2.5.x to the Infscape appliance?