Download error in UrBackupClientInstaller.exe


I use UrBackup on about 30 Windows clients and it works well. We will soon need to increase the number of Windows clients potentially to over 200, so I found to allow me to automate installs. The problem is that the custom installer client download still fails at 98.34% and I haven’t found a solution for this problem.
For information, I managed last week to update the server to version 2.5.31 and Windows clients are automatically upgraded to version 2.5.24.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

For reference, here is the cmd output of UrBackupClientInstaller.exe:

Getting login information from server...
Logging into server...
Clientname: PC1022
Client already exists
Starting download of client id 56
34.42 MiB / 35.00 MiB [----------------------------------------------------------------->_] 98.34% 260.27 MiB p/s 300ms
exit status 1
Press 'Enter' to continue...

The download bar is only approximate, so I think it fails when running the downloaded installer:

So maybe try downloading the installer from the web interface for the client and manually run this installer to see what makes the installation fail?

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thank you for your reply

If I download the installer from the web interface and run it manually, everything works fine and there are no problems.

It’s only with UrBackupClientInstaller.exe that I have a problem.

I have already tried to run UrBackupClientInstaller.exe on several PCs (w10 + w7) with and without administrator rights and it doesn’t change anything. The antivirus is not blocking either.

I noticed that the download is done in the %temp% folder, but UrBackupClientInstaller.exe immediately deletes the temp folder, so I can’t check if the file is downloaded correctly and if I can run it manually instead. Is it possible to change this behavior so that the temp folder is deleted when UrBackupClientInstaller.exe closes and not when it throws the “exit status 1” error? If the downloaded file is correct and I can recover it, this might solve the problem for me.

I just analyzed the code and I’m not good with “go”, but I feel like the “exit status 1” information is too generic because it doesn’t identify which command is at origin of the problem. Ideally it would be interesting to make the error return more precise to know exactly what is wrong, what do you think?
Maybe the program doesn’t even reach the 433 file execution line you suggested?

thank you in advance for your help

I don’t know if I’m right but the delete statement “os.Remove(file_fn)” only exists in the function “download_client(” which would indicate that the error “exit status 1” would be generated in this function and therefore the program does not reach the file execution step.

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no one available to try to improve or fix ?

Or could someone please test to see if the problem only affects me or if it’s a general problem?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: you were right and I was wrong: I managed to run the go script and it’s line 441 “err = cmd.Wait()” that fails. so I should manage to get by on my own. THANKS.