Doubt about file encryption during transfer without SSL

Hello, if i don’t have an SSL certificate for the urbackup web GUI, the file that are transferred from the clients to the server are encrypted or anyone can sniff them?

I need to have some clients outside the LAN so I’m trying to understand if I really need an SSL certificate or if it’s just for the web gui.

Thank you

To insure that all files are encrypted during transfer, use “Enable Internet Mode” in settings. Transfer from local machines over the LAN does not use encryption.

An SSL certificate is NOT required for encryption over the internet. It would be required if you want the web page GUI to be accessable by SSL (HTTPS)

NOTE: Data is NOT encrypted on stored files (After transfer via internet mode). It is only encrypted during the transfer. Therefore it is next to impossible to store backups of HIPAA regulated data while staying compliant with HIPAA regulations. If that limitation does not concern you, than you are OK to go.

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