Domains and User Rights

I am wanting to set some custom user rights and I am not sure about the rights field or domains.

Rights for user X all show “30” or “all”, why is that, and is there any other options. I know that “30” is an ID, but is it the id for the user, or for the PC they can administer.

What other domains exist besides the ones listed? Is there a list someplace.

What I would like to accomplish is blocking users from being able to create images and block users from marking images as “archived”. Is that possible?

Existing domains are documented here:

The ids are for the clients, i.e. the PC they can administer.

In your case set start_backup to none.

Archive permissions are controlled by manual_archive (list of clients). This is currently undocumented. Sorry! Per default client specific users do not have this permission. You can change default permissions in default_user_rights.js.

It would be great it the domains available were presented in a drop-down list, instead of a separate manual.