Domain / User Permissions for multiple autonomous clients


First off: thanks for all the URBackup devs, It’s great!

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out the user rights and permissions. Here’s what I’m trying to do:

I want to offer to friends / coworker to use my URBackup server to stash their backups.
I want to create many Users, where they could each add and manage their own clients, but block them from seeing the other User’s Clients.

I have found how to give a user the “add_client all” domain, but each times he creates a client, the user can no longer see it, while the admin user can.

Also, in the “Rights” field, we can enter all / none, but is there any other value possible? The name of a specific client? specific user?


I’ve found no pre-configurable method of doing this. You can grant them the add_client permission, but that doesn’t grant them visibility of the clients they create. The only way I have found is you have to manually add your friends /coworkers client permission to see their clients after they’ve added them to UrBackup…and the finding the client ID is not obvious (search the forums for finding client ID).

I’d recommend you train them to use a standard naming convention like:
UNIQUEFRIENDNAME CompanyNameOrID - ComputerName (name of user if needed)
Don’t use any of these symbols in the client name:

’ & :

You’ll have to add your friends clients to their access ID by searching for the ID and granting them permissions.

Hopefully there will be a better answer at some point in the future.

Thanks Silversword,

I have settled to your recommendations:
The Admin (me, sadly) will manually create each new users/clients.
I will create each Users with 3 new clients, with a format “surnamename” for users, and surnamename1 for clients.
Then, the tricky part: I found the automatic user for a defined client, then you add the ID of the other clients, like in picture below:

I’m posting this in case someone is looking (like I was) for the correct domain combination for a “typical” non-admin user.

The users will not be able to create their own clients, but will be able to manage their 3 pre-existing and request more as time comes.
Maybe this can be added to the feature request… but I would priorize the “show client ID on front page for administrator user” first :wink:

Thanks a lot!

In addition: You may want to add the
permission as well if you’re creating usernames for users to use/manage their own backups. Not included by default (which it should IMHO)