Doing image Disk backup the disk image is to large for VHD is there anyway to still take an image backup of this disk?

Hi, so larger more modern disks in sizes 3+TB are verry commen now how do you take an image backup of these disks when the limit on VHD is 2TB?

Using a Linux server & storage which allows backing up to raw images, or raw image format on ReFS storage for Windows, or in my case since I’m stuck with NTFS storage which can’t be reformatted to ReFS, use a different product to image remote clients to an internal disk & then use UrBackup to back the output files up to storage here. A cumbersome process I find somewhat frustrating.

You could upvote the request for VHDx support in the feature requests section, wouldn’t hold your breath though, the developers seem uninterested in adding it, in spite of the problem you raise & the fact that block level backups of hard drives are much faster than file level for drives containing many hundreds of thousands of small files.

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