Does urbackup support differential backups?

I see that support full and incremental in urbackup, but i dont see differential backup. For understanding, differential, means that backup will copy difference between full and diff, so next diff will do again difference between full and diff.
In incremental copy there is diference between full and incr, but next will do between incr and incr.


There s no notion of backup chain when it’s about backup deletion.
You can delete anything ,even a full, it wont delete any other backup

And there s no notion of chain either on the disk space.
A new backup, whether it is a full or an inc, wil use the space of an inc

it s just that a full would retransfert, recheck everything

Sorry maybe i cant ask correct or i dont understand your answer, because english not my native language.

As i understand you means that there is no chain between full and other types of backups, so if i use urbackup i can restore from inc without full backup, right? But problem what i see, for example:

  1. on desktop create 1.txt
  2. do full backup
  3. first edit 1.txt
  4. do inc backup
  5. second edit 1.txt, create 2.txt
  6. do inc backup

So there is start questions for me:

  • If i want to restore full it will be done, no problem
  • If i want to restore “first edit 1.txt” file i need full backup than inc from step 3, or only step 3?
  • if i want to restore “second edit 1.txt and 2.txt” i need full+inc step3+inc step 5, or inc step3+inc step5, or only step 5?

I want to restore x from y time. You just need anything in Urbackup for the time y you want to restore from.

As orogor said. There are no full / incremental dependencies between backups like old style tape / BackupExec methods you’re thinking about.