Documentation | Restore - Restore CD and Restoring Machines?

I know that it is pretty straight forward from what I have attempted so far with the Restore CD 1.1.1 for a Windows Client, but there is not a whole lot of documentation in the Administrative Manual for this:

  • How does the restoration work?
  • I am currently using the Restore CD for a machine, but it constantly freezes up at the 24% mark.
  • Do I have to build a disk image before I restore, or just restore from a .vhdz file?
  • Can I manually build a disk image that is NOT a .vhd file without needing 3rd-party resources (like an ISO or IMG file)?
  • Can you only create .vhd files from the compress_image.bat and assemble_disk_image.bat on Windows?
  • Is the method I have listed off so far only viable for virtual machines?
  • (I thought I would ask) Does it support SSD support and if so, does it support HDD-to-SSD restore (HDD being the source and SSD being the destination)?

While using the Restore CD is very straight-forward, it just feels like it was glossed over when mentioned: