Documentation? Missing?


Having used UrBackup for a while now, I am adding a few more clients. And I have re-discovered that documentation seems to be lacking. Can you tell me where this documentation exists?

e.g., When running a Linux client, attempting a restore, you need to confirm. If you compiled the client manually so that you have the GUI, trying to use the GUI to confirm segfaults (at least on the client version I’m running). The workaround is apparently to add RESTORE=server-confirms to /etc/defaults/urbackupclient. I found this via significant searching on these forums. But is there any documentation for this? I have never seen the file /etc/defaults/urbackupclient mentioned (in documentation), let alone the variables you can set in this file. The file does not exist on my Linux clients (fine, I can create it). At the very least, couldn’t the client installation create this file, with included comments telling you what the allowable settings are? The same things goes for “urbackupclientctl set-settings --help” That tells you to use -k for the key and -v for the value. Fine. But it does not mention what the allowable keys and values are.

A little documentation would go a long way. Am I just overlooking it, or does it not exist?



Thanks. I am aware of that document.

But I don’t think it mentions things like the examples I gave, e.g., the /etc/defaults/urbackupclient file. Possibly I could have missed that since I have not read the Administration Manual top to bottom in one sitting in sequential order. But I have probably read the entire thing - a piece here, a piece there - over time. If files like /etc/defaults/urbackupclient were mentioned, I don’t remember it. And I didn’t find it in my recent (just before I posted) search of the document. To make sure I didn’t just miss it in the Administration Manual, I grabbed the PDF version and did a text search for the word “defaults”. There was zero mention of /etc/defaults/urbackupclient turned up by search, so I have to assume it’s not in that manual. I also searched the PDF manual for “urbackupclientctl” and that program was only mentioned in one sentence, but nothing about “set-settings”.

The Administration Manual is good, but it’s missing some things. It is these missing things that I’m asking about.



Only other place is using the ? in the configuration dialogs which can open the documentation from the local installation.