Docker and Access Denied

Ok, i’ve tried a few times to deploy and I know there are lots of moving parts. I keep getting access denied to the /backups folder. I have a samba share mounted to /mnt/UrBackup and i have /mnt/Urbackup in the deploy to /backups. If I execute a shell from inside the docker container i can write a file and a dir. If I check the share they show up fine. So I think I am close…the docker container is on x.x.x.23 and the cifs share is on a different machine x.x.x.22 if that matters.

The directory where UrBackup will save backups is inaccessible. Please fix that by modifying this folder in ‘Settings’ or by giving UrBackup rights to access this directory. (err_cannot_create_subdir). Permission denied (code: 13)

The webserver starts without issue and i even found a client. What am I overlooking?

ok, I do see now that when i execute in the docker container, i’m in as root, if i su to the userid i’m using, it does not have access to write to the directory. So I am missing something. I have the nas on .22 and sharing through truenas pool/smb. I created a user urbackup and shared with that user gave full perms. When i map to it in windows it prompts for credentials, i use the urbackup user creds and it maps fine i can write, delete etc. When i try to access it from the docker machine .23, I mount it to /mnt/backup and it mounts fine, I see everything, but only root can write to it even though I am mounting it in fstab with the urbackup credentials.

So i added ,noperm to my fstab and now when it mounts I can actually write to the directories, but UrBackup still says