Do files get deduplicated even within a single client?

Ok, so urbackup hashes and indexes the files that are about to backed up from one client and compares them with what’s already on the server.

But what about files within a client itself?

For example.
I’m backing up a client which gets used as a webdevelopment server by many users. This means that there are a lot of identical files in different places, e.g. every users wwww directory where they each have a copy of the project that they collaborate on. e.g. /home/user1/ProjectA and /home/user2/ProjectA
Those two directories have 99% of the same data. Is URbackup smart enough to only transfer unique data? Or does it only compare hashes between clients?

It does both! :slight_smile: I tested this with some very large ISO and text files copied on the same client and then to other clients and the system ends up storing only a single copy of each.