Display client ID whenever relevant


I’d like to preface that using UrBackup has been a great experience for me so far, and that it has fulfilled my use cases perfectly in a way other backup software simply hasn’t. It’s sturdy, it’s reliable and I don’t have to nanny it as it often as logs are actually descriptive if some issue does arise.

However, there’s one issue I see repeatedly and that I find quite vexing considering how easy it’d be to fix: the inability to know a client’s ID number at a first glance, which is absolutely needed when assigning permissions in multi-client/multi-user deployments. Yes, you can end up guessing that number when assigning permissions or you can look for it in the logs, but for more than a half dozen of clients, it quickly gets rather cumbersome. Is there any particular obstacle to adding this somewhere, possibly in the Status window as part of normal client enumeration at the very least? As far as I know, it needs to be known anyway. It has been already reported before as: Client List with actual ID number shown but as far as I know there doesn’t seem to be much priority given to it.

If the devs are receptive, I could consider adding that capability myself and tying it to an existing security domain if it’s a must.

The reason this was not done is that I suspect this is a XY problem. You want to see the client id, but the the real problem is that the user permission editor is not user friendly. So the fix would be to improve the user permission editor (i.e. allow selection of domain + user from a drop-down list).

Help with improving the user permission editor would be appreciated (if that fixes your problem?). It already has a list of users (since it is able to translate)…