Disk too small for image error, but it's not (extended partition problem?)

I was just trying out urbackup by backing up a Dell Windows 2016 server with a C: and E: drive. The backup seemed to go OK, and also restoring the C: drive was OK, but when I try and restore the E: drive (which is the big one) I got the error that the disk is too small even though the disk in the VM is actually a bit bigger than the physical server disk.
I am using the 2.4.2 restore stick to do the restoring.
I played around a bit and see that the partition table restore didn’t restore the partition inside the extended partition, so urbackup was trying to restore to /dev/sda4 when it should have been using /dev/sda5 (which didn’t exist)
I created the sda5 NTFS partition manually using fdisk and then I was able to start the restore of the image OK.

I have just tried another full restore test today and saw that this time the partition table was created correctly including the sda5 in the extended partition.
The restore still couldn’t automatically work out which partition to use though so I had to use the advanced options to tell it to use sda5.