Disk Image Restoration

I like software… but I am having trouble succeeding in test in order to implement it as a backup solution.
For me disk image backup is deal breaker. I made backup (lenovo laptop with win 10) and then tested restoration of that disk image to new drive on same system via live CD but system fails to boot (DOS hanging with cursor blinking). I used another usb and tried to run it through PLOP boot manger, windows start booting but fails at the end.GParted sees drive as “unallocated” and cannot see partition table as well. Also tried to use “boot to new hardware” option on live CD but it did not help either. Later I found this:
Image backups only work with NTFS formated volumes and with the Windows client. The drives must be MBR or GPT partitioned, the partition must be a primary one. Dynamic volumes are not supported. Mirrored dynamic volumes work, but are not officially supported. Backup to VHD files only works for volumes with a size of less than 2TB.
The image backup is mainly designed to backup the boot volume (C:) of Windows systems such that they can be brought back quickly e.g. after a hard disk failure or hardware loss. Other data on other volumes should be backed up and restored via file backup. If the server uses ZFS or btrfs as backup storage file system it can backup to raw image files which have no size restriction.

So I tried to backup only C: partition and that did not help either.
Can you make with UrBackup whole disk image instead just partitions itself?
What am I missing or I need to abandon whole this idea about UrBackup?