Disable automatic backups and setup client for different servers

Hello, at first thank you for the great software you did. I have two question.

  • in my work we have two different areas, so we have two servers. how can I setup each client to do backups only in one server depending the area.

  • and my other question, only we want to make manually backups, so how can I setup the server to disable the automatic backups.

Thank you guys. And sorry for my bad English.

In my personal opinion, the easiest way to do this is:

  1. There is a server_idents.txt file located in (assuming this is Windows based) where you installed the client. Default location is: C:\Program Files\UrBackup
  • Assuming that you have a client on each backup server already, (a.k.a; you have John-PC on Server1 and Jill-PC on Server2) you can use the server_idents.txt from John-PC and copy that onto all other clients you want on Server1, vice versa for Jill-PC and Server2.
  • For manual backups, I am sure that if you do not specify a backup window in your web-server-interface that it will never automatically backup; however, do not disable backups under the image/file backups tabs as it prevents backups - at least for me anyways.


Thank you very much ttrammell, I’m going to do your recommendations.