Disable ability to download a file from client restore files web interface

Currently, when a user who has access to restore their own backup files can access the web list of their files for their machine via a browser. They have the ability to download any file they desire from the web interface. The problem is that the devices being backed up are multi user devices making it essentially a privacy/security risk to allow the user to restore their own files. They can easily navigate to another user’s folder and download any file they’d like.

I wanted to see if there is a setting I am missing that I can disable this functionality on the server. If not, is there a way for me to add custom JS to the dashboard.

I do not mind if the user is able to click “Restore” as it restores the file to its original location. I would just like to disable the default automatic download of the file in the browser when it is clicked. Probably the “Download as a Zip Folder” button as well.

I am fairly new to UrBackup and love this software so much! I even use it for some of my production webservers because the restore functionality is so smooth.

If someone could point me in the right direction or tell me if this is possible I would appreciate it!

A user should only see/be able to download the files he has permission to this way. If this doesn’t work please submit logs + perhaps steps to reproduce etc.

Note that directly after installation (without reboot) the client tray icon runs with elevated priviledges and is therefore able to access files at that priviledge level (admin).


Ah that explains inconsistent results I was getting a while ago when troubleshooting the same problem as OP.

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