Directory for bkup inaccessible -- bad setup for win10 desktop as UB client & UB server to do backups to synology NAS -

First Time User - simply confused on proper Settings and interpreting setup instructions:

  1. win10 desktop as both UB (UrBackup) server and UB client trying to do image backup to Synology NAS

  2. Synology NAS == RNY1, the win10 share is \RNY1\7s-urbo, the mapped drive is 7s-urbo (\RNY1) (Z:)

  3. the ‘client’ is the win10 desktop == 7-SRVR (it is not a server, just a desktop, the other pcs are laptops)
    basically i can’t understand the setup documentation [yes, newbie, but also a tad pathetic on my part]:
    from UB FAQ:
    Change the user UrBackup runs as

  4. Go to the service configuration utility by e.g. WINDOWS+R “services.msc”. Right-click “UrBackup Client Service for Backups” or “UrBackupServer” and select properties.

  5. In the “Log on” tab select the required user. You will have to configure a password if the user currently does not have a password. See next section on how to configure a password for the Administrator account.

  6. Restart the computer or the service.

WHAT password? the one i login to 7-SRVR with? the one i login to Synology NAS with?
services.msc provides under properties/logon: log on as Local System account OR This Account which has the ability to accept login/pwd [where the login/pwd == Synology NAS login/pwd?]

and then there is this:

  • According to documentation, when using a network share as backup storage you cannot use it directly (e.g. \\MASCHINE\share). You have to create a sub-folder and use that (e.g. \\MASCHINE\share\urbackup). This is due to a Windows limitation. When tested on Windows 7 this limitation was not present. Please give feedback in the forums such that this caveat can be removed.

ok, so i tried to do an image backup by modifying the UrBackup Server Interface Setting ‘Backup storage path’ as \RNY1\7s-urbu\urbackup, as Z:\7s-urbu\urbackup, and as \7-SRVR\RNY!\7s-urbu\urbackup. Clearly i am missing the point here; actually missing more than 1 point here for sure.

anyway, if someone has an ‘example’ that depicts the instructions, that would be a gigantic help.
thanks, ron