Directories to backup: how to reset?

From the online help

These locations are only the default locations. Even if you click “Separate settings for this client” and disable “Allow client to change settings” once the client modified the paths changes in this field are not used by the client.

So, how do I reset things so changes in those fields ARE used by the client?

Maybe there’s a problem with the manual, try to set : “Allow client to change settings"

I’d already tried that before asking, seems to me the client must store what’s been set somewhere, presumably if I can edit or remove those settings, it should go back to using what’s set on the server, so basically I’m wanting to know where that config is stored, and do I delete the file? Or try to edit it?

Remove all the directories configured on the client.

Frankly I don’t really have an answer to this question, because I have also struggled with client settings here.

What I have found though is that setting partitions/directories for an image backup is done by the client in settings> image backups. But apparently you don’t enter partitions/directories in settings>file backups!!! No, I had to enter these in a separate window Add/Remove Backup Paths. If on the server settings you allow the client to change these, when you enter these paths at the server these are the locations the settings turn up in at the client (after about 3 to 5 mins). And when you change server settings the client settings will change shortly after.

I havn’t tried changes such as what changes at the client end affect the server settings and much beyond this for now, but this much does work. Either way, it doesn’t really seem very intuitive to me.

Removed all configured directories from client configuration.
Removed permission to allow clients to change directories to back up.
Result in log:
Constructing of filelist of “[Computername]” failed: no backup dirs. Please add paths to backup on the client (via tray icon) or configure default paths to backup.

Is there some bit to flip in a configuration file or something to tell it to look back to the server to get the default directories to backup?

Here is what I did to fix:

  1. ran the uninstall remotely on the client (C:\Program Files\urbackup\uninstall.exe /s)
    1a (it never did show as completed from my remote console from my RMM)
  2. shut down the urbackup service
  3. Killed the UrBackup Client Process
  4. made a folder in UrBackup called Old and moved all current files/folders into it
  5. re-installed UrBackup using Chocolatey repository
  6. Ran full file backup - it failed on finding indexes and cancelled out a partial backup
  7. Ran the full file backup again - it started running and was grabbing the folder information from the server definition.