Directories to backup are optional by default - can't setup checkbox

Dear all, I have a fresh install of UrBackup 2.4.12 server on Ubuntu 18.04. When I setup a checkbox ‘Directories to backup are optional by default’ in the client settings, after I have saved this settings this checkbox uncheked again.

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i have this issue too, did you solve it?

Hi… No. I have enter path like this one: C:\bk_tst;J:|J:/optional

It will backup C:\bk_tst and flash if it will be inserted as a drive J.

Developers, please help :slight_smile:

bad news :(, ok the issue is in Windows too (same 2.4.12)

Thank for post may be developers will see our topic. You can use workarround wich I have posted before.

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Yeah, thanks, I had already fixed it. It’ll just have to make it into a release.

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Hi @uroni, what’s the preferred workaround for backing up windows and Linux? Right now I have a default list c:\Users\ and /home/ which obviously doesn’t work w/o this check mark working…

I’d like to keep the config centralized as much as possible.


Got same problem, server 2.4.12 on CentOS 7 Linux.

Got same problem too, server 2.4.12 on Debian 10.

Same issue on Ubuntu 20.04, urbackup 2.4.12.

As I understood this bug already fixed at new version ( 2.5.x beta).